Track Phone: (740) 703-9749   2535 Blain Highway, Waverly, Ohio 45690  


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No driver entry fee.

Sept 27th Quick Results

B-Main: Nate Reeser, Jesse McCreary, Dustin Webber, Cody Gardner, Brandy Bower, Rick Fraley, John Steed, Jeff Conrad, Kevin Shelbo, Brandon Conkle, Dean Kester, Randy Fink

Feature:Danny Smith, Nathan Skaggs, Ryan Myers, Jim Neir, Parker Price-Miller, Mark Imler, Ryan Broughton, Kory Crabtree, Adam Strausser, Kirk Jeffries, Aaron Higgins, Dave Smith, Nate Reeser, Jesse McCreary, Jamie Myers, Mark Coleman, Cody Gardner, Jimmy Stinson, Dustin Webber, Ron Blair

Feature: Jason Montgomery, JT Conley, Terry Lanigan, Greggie Oliver, Chad Smith, Kevin Wagner, Chris Shannon, Randy Wynett, Rick Shannon, Willie Bigham, Brandon Thompson.

Feature: Kenny Johnson, Greggie Oliver, Dave Pinkerton, Steve Clemmons, Kevin Morehouse(was DQ'ed after race), Brian Whiteman, Seth Daniels, Evan Seitz, Donnie Miller, Matt Edminston, Trevor Chaney, Rick Shutts, Bob Crace Jr, Nathon Loney (DQ'ed), David McWilliams(DNS), Mike Long (DNS)

Dreadland Haunted Woods Enduro (19)
Feature: Tim Howard, Cody Noble, Eric Starr, Scott Clark, Howard Rock, Tyler Moore, Sterling Packer, Chris Smalley, Craig Edwards, Deven Karr, Shawn Burchett, Ricky McCoy, John Binder, Robert Binder, Jesse Noble, Kenny Coleman, Billy Peyton, Matt Farler, JD Broughton

The following rules will be fully enforced.

Enduro Rules for now on.
1. Completely stock car. No 4x4's.
2. No Locked Rear Ends. No posi-tracs.
3. Seatbelts & Shoulder Belts Req'd
4. Doors must be chained, bolted or welded shut.
5. Driver windshield protection must be bars or screened in.
6. Nobody under 16 years old permitted.
7. DOT 60 or 70 Series tires only.
8. No Rub Rails.
9. No Derby Cars, No Reinforced Bumpers.
10. If you have a passenger, you must have a minimum of a 4 point roll cage. The passage must also have a seat and shoulder belt as well as a Helmet.

These will be checked for now on, do not show up with an illegal car. If you show up with an illegal car, you will not be allowed to race and your money will NOT be refunded. A shortened car is not a stock car, a car with racing wheels is not a stock car, a car with headers going thru the hood is not a stock car. Any car that finished in a paying position will have the back of the car lifted by the Kubota to determine if you have a locked rear end.


October 11- Cancer Awareness Night: Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks, Sport Mods, Enduro

Sprints, Non Wing Sprints Unsanctioned with Modifieds

October 23- Sprint Practice, Non Wing Qualifing & Heats, Modified Qualifying & Heats

October 24- Sprint Qualifying & Heats, Non Wing B-Mains, Modified B-Mains

October 25- Sprint B-Mains & Feature $15,000 TO WIN, Non Wing Feature $5,000 TO WIN, Modified Feature $5,000 TO WIN

November 1- Topless Weekend- DAN RENO MEMORIAL WEEKEND $2,222 TO WIN for Modifieds, plus Late Models $2,222 to win, Street Stocks, Sport Mods, Enduro

Welcome to the new home of Atomic Speedway!



Thursday October 23
Modified/Non-Wing Qualifying, Heats and C-Mains
Gates open at 4pm
Racing starts at 6:30pm

Friday October 24
Sprint Car Qualifying, Heats, C-Mains, B-Mains - Modified/Non-Wing Sprint B-Mains
Gates open at 4pm
Racing starts at 6:30pm

Saturday October 25
Sprint Car A-Main, Charlie McCann Non-Qualifiers Race, Modified A-Main, Non-Wing Sprint A-Main
Gates open at 3pm
Racing starts at 5pm


Race Day Times Weekly Classes
Pit Gates Open: 2:00 pm 410 Winged Sprint Cars
Gates Open: 4:00 pm   Super Late Models
Hot Laps:6:00 pm  Modifieds
Racing:6:30 pm  Street Stocks
      Sport Mod's
General Admission Pit Admission
Ages 0-12:Free    12 and Under: $15 
Adults 12+:$12     Adults 12+: $30
Registration forms are available now. Click here to print out the registration form.
Racing scheduled for September 20th has been rescheduled for October 4th. The track is currently being resurfaced and will be ready for FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT September 27th $5 general admission for adult and kids 0-12 are FREE