Track Phone: (740) 703-9749   2535 Blain Highway, Waverly, Ohio 45690  


Saturday May 28th Results

Phantom Racing Gear AMRA Late Models (14)
Fast Time – Rod Conley 14.347
Heat One – Mark Frazier, Rod Conley, Jeremy Berwanger, Chris Shannon, Ralph Withem, JP Roberts Jr, Derrick Chaney
Heat Two – Duane Chamberlain, Brian Eaton, Greggie Oliver, Jason Montgomery, Russ Frohnapfel, Jerry Aber, Joe Buskirk
AMain – Duane Chamberlain, Rod Conley, Mark Frazier, Jeremy Berwanger, Brian Eaton, Jason Montgomery, Chris Shannon, Ralph Withem, JP Roberts Jr, Russ Frohnapfel, Jerry Aber, Greggie Oliver, Derrick Chaney, Joe Buskirk (DNS)
Steel Block Bonus – Ralph Withem, Hard Charger – Jason Montgomery 8th to 6th (2 pos.)

Graphic Creations 410 Sprint Cars (28)
Fast Time – Cale Thomas 12.410
Heat One – Cale Thomas, Danny Smith, Dominic Scelzi, Beau Stewart, Hunter Schuerenberg, Nate Reeser, RJ Perkins, Danial Harding, Jim Perricone, Adam Cruea
Heat Two – Ryan Myers, Mark Coleman, Ron Blair, Todd Kane, Brandy Bower, Sam Ashworth, Kirk Jeffries, Jesse McCreary, Dean Kester Heat Three – Jim Stinson, Dallas Hewitt, Ryan Broughton, Mark Imler, Clay Riney, Brandon Whited, JT Stapp, David Smith, Josh Davis (DNS)
B Main – Nate Reeser, RJ Perkins, Sam Ashworth, Brandon Whited, Jesse McCreary, David Smith, Kirk Jeffries, Adam Cruea, Jim Peppercone, Dean Kester
A Main – Jimmy Stinson, Danny Smith, Hunter Schuerenberg, Dominic Scelzi, Ron Blair, Nate Reeser, Mark Coleman, Todd Kane, Brandy Bower, Brandon Whited, Mark Imler, Jesse McCreary, Clay Riney, RJ Perkins, Sam Ashworth, Cale Thomas, Dallas Hewitt, Beau Stewart, Ryan Myers, Ryan Broughton (DQ)
Hard Charger – Hunter Schuerenberg 13th to 3rd (10 pos.)

Downs Construction Race Saver 305 Sprints (10)
Heat One – Andy Hill, Jim Lewis, Jeff Taylor, Mike Downs, Jake Hesson, Dustin Hammond, Marvel Brinton, Jay Dunaway, Mike Ebersbach, Louie Christian
A Main – Andy Hill, Jeff Taylor, Jim Lewis, Jake Hesson, Marvel Brinton, Mike Downs, Dustin Hammond, Jay Dunaway, Mike Ebersbach

Precision Grading AMRA Modiifieds (25)
Fast Time – Donnie Miller 15.725
Heat One – Dave Jamison, John Burdette, Donnie Miller, Bud Frazier, Travis Carr, Joe Hamon, Seth Daniels, Doug Betts, Brandon Oliver
Heat Two – Jason Montgomery, Brian Whiteman, Greggie Oliver, Mark Dickson, Phil Bapst, Dean Boyd, Pete Brunton, Ryan Leckrone
Heat Three – Kenny Johnson, Travis Dickson, Aaron Scott, Harrison Hall, Dustin Sword, Derrick Austin, Dustin Gilbert, Trevor Chaney
A Main – Jason Montgomery, Kenny Johnson, Travis Dickson, John Burdette, Dave Jamison, Aaron Scott, Donnie Miller, Greggie Oliver, Brian Whiteman, Brandon Oliver, Phil Bapst, Mark Dickson, Bud Frazier, Dean Boyd, Derrick Austin, Pete Brunton, Ryan Leckrone, Dustin Sword, Harrison Hall, Dustin Gilbert, Travis Carr
Hard Charger – Brandon Oliver 20th to 10th (10 pos.)

C&M Racing Equipment AMRA Sport Mods (17)
Fast Time – Terry Hinkle 16.491
Heat One – Rob Stambaugh, Gary Griffith, Steve Nobile, Terry Hinkle, Billy Bowles, JD Broughton, Brandon Miller, Adam Jones, Patrick Hayes
Heat Two – Kevin Spencer, Jamey Adams, Bob Crace, Joel Richendollar, Jim Ludwig, Tonka Harris, John Cuckler, Jack Harris
A Main – Rob Stambaugh, Kevin Spencer, Gary Griffith, Bob Crace, Terry Hinkle, Jamey Adams, Joel Richendollar, Adam Jones, Brandon Miller, Tonka Harris, Jim Ludwig, John Cuckler, JD Broughton, Jack Harris, Patrick Hayes, Billy Bowles
Hard Charger – Adam Jones 15th to 8th (7 pos.)

All drivers are required to have transponders and raceceivers for the 2016 season. Raceceiver channel 454.000. We use yellow westhold transponders or orange direct wire westhold transponders.


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June 4th, 2016

All Star/OSCS 410 Sprints $5,000 to win
AMRA Late Models, AMRA Sport Mods and Enduro

Pit Gates open at 2pm
General Admission Gates open at 4pm
Hot Laps at 6pm

General Admission $22
Sr/Vet Admission $20
Kids 12 & Under FREE

Pit Admission $35
Kids Pit Admission $20

(Same cooler rule as Eldora)
No Alcohol or Glass allowed to be carried into the speedway

For media credentials, contact our general manager Steve at


Race Day Times Weekly Classes
Pit Gates Open: 2:00 pm 410 Sprint Cars
Gates Open: 4:00 pm   AMRA Super Late Models
Hot Laps:6:00 pm  AMRA Modifieds
Racing:6:30 pm  AMRA Sport Mods
General Admission Pit Admission
Ages 0-12:Free    12 and Under: $15 
Adults 12+:$15     Adults 12+: $30
Seniors 60+:$13        
Registration forms are available now. Click here to print out the registration form.
Racing scheduled for September 20th has been rescheduled for October 4th. The track is currently being resurfaced and will be ready for FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT September 27th $5 general admission for adult and kids 0-12 are FREE